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Do's and Don'ts of Buying Glasses Lesson One

by Mark Norrell on 12/05/14

1. Do find an independent optician to work with.  Opticians are better at sourcing unique eyewear and will have a better idea of what to guide you to based on your personal style.  A great optician is like a great hair stylist or tailor, they all can make you look phenomenal!

Don't shop for eyewear with children!  As an optician I want you to focus on you without distraction.

2.  Narrow your decision down to just 3 frames.  This will help you determine which will be the most definitive frame for your style.  If you need to think about it over night, it helps to work with your optician with those 3 and not the entire inventory.  When you find a talented optician, they'll be able to guide you and will be honest when frames are unflattering and will lead you to the best in 3.

Don't take a picture on your phone to show friends!  There is no way eyewear can be fully appreciated on a cell phone screen.

3.  Put yourself together when you shop for new eyewear!  An optician wants to add to the whole you and that's the you that faces the public.  We want to see how you wear your hair and clothes so we can find you the best eyewear to compliment your style.

Don't shop for eyewear after a trip to the gym!

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